The great Wheel Debate!

2 04 2009

So when people say the greatest invention on earth is the wheel, do they mean the Ksyrium SL premium or the Carbon Zipp 808?

See buying wheels today is like walking into a maze with a map but the map is of a completely different maze and its also in a completely different language. Well thats what i thought!!!???

As a road racer i proably am pretty lucky that i bought a bike for racing. Raced it for a year. Put it away for winter. Picked it back up and expected it to be the exact same as it was when i left it.

This has not turned out to be the case at all.

Im now going to cover one of the many problems i had. In my first race back my tried and trusted race wheels cracked!!! I came home and cleaned them (as always) and noticed a nice old crack where the spokes connect to the hub. Fit for the Bin is the term i think fitted it best!

This began my great search for wheels which only took one week but counting the hours spent researching would not reflect well on how i spend my free time.

to be continued…




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