top 10 cycling videos!!!

3 04 2009

So we all love cycling videos! I remember having big races or training spins planned and staying up in bed the night before looking at Lance Armstrong videos and dreaming of being able to peddle away from people on the ride the next day. These dreams sadly never become a reality BUT its always good fun to have a look at a video of someone else doing well!

Here are some videos i think are great to watch and they vary from the sublime to the STUPID ha

Please recommend some more…

Purely for the song this is class! Really makes me want to go out and pedal! HARD! poor big Jan

Lee evans is class! Not so classy on a bike tho…

For the trakkies, Surely that’s too close to call

A nice bit of fisty cuffs in cleats.

I felt like kicking other riders but never spectators! Well i never had any spectators so i wouldn’t know.

How to celebrate like a “fred”

“WHAT A BIKE RIDER!!” Poor Beloki never really raced again after that crash.

A classic tour/armstrong moment. Ouch!

“the dog didn’t seem to be very concerned at all” hahaha Carbon wheels are rubbish!

those podium girls!!!!…/video/37236/2501.html?b=


And one for the road…

Cav is not perfect!!!

Any more videos out there????




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