Fridays winter reminder!

29 05 2009

A new weekly post is our Friday “reminder of winter” post.

This is where we look back at the times when you did the “hard” miles.
If you finding it hard to motivate yourself to ride in May then just remember what it was like back then…

Winter racing

This would get you FIXED on the ide of a new bike…

29 05 2009

Have a look, I want a fixie!!!

Tried to embed video but failed!

Training with Power

28 05 2009

So im heading out for my second race with the PowerTap today and im looking forward to it. Training with Power keeps things exciting as you always have something to look forward to looking at when you get back. Its kinda like getting results back after doing one of those expensive lactate tests. 

Im gonna be mostly focusing on the positives of my findings but so far here are my inital downsides of training with Power

1 you have to pay alot for it!!

2 you need to do alot of reading to know what your doing.

3 you need to download your data and examine it after each ride

4you have to actually train hard as the number dont lie!!!


Overall the first week has been good. I have been reading alot and examing my 4 files so far. My inital FTP is 285 at 66.5kgs.

I think i can do another test hopefully in the next 2 weeks to get more accurate readings then set out a training plan.

Il keep you posted

Second video on training with power Joe Friel

I now have a office trainer!

28 05 2009

This is my new training method. Never mind the rain, now you can train on your lunch!!!


new office training!

Being IN the Giro

27 05 2009

Having been at the TDF its great when the stage is over and all the FRED cyclists are descending beside the team cyclists. It doesnt happen in many sports and its all FREE!,6610,s1-3-10-19430-1,00.html

Its all about POWER!!!

25 05 2009

Well apologies for not being on last week but from now on my focus will be on my findings of training and using power. Its a learning curve but lets see how it goes!

So i got my PowerTap SL 2.4 from Dooleys cycles in Glasgow which i found at

I got the whole wheel built into a DTswiss 1.1 rim and spokes and delivered for €1200. expensive i know but my other option was a SRM second hand and my Trek only fits the new SRMs due to the new BB. 

Its really the easiest thing in the world to set up just…

1 take out of box

2 put on cassette

3 cable tie on cpu

4 put back wheel on

5 ride your bike

The software isnt great so i got WKO+ which came highly reccomended. Thats all you need to have power.

I ended up getting the last version of the PowerTap.

For those of you not in the know (ie non bike geeks) the new PowerTaps are called

PowerTap Elite+ is the base model

PowerTap Pro +

PowerTap SL+ is the lighter carbon version

PowerTap SLC+  is the same as SL with ceramic bearings

All of them are now wireless and compatible with ANT+ garmins/polars etc whichi would be nice if i had one!


Now i went for the older models to save on price (about 300euro cheaper). the older models are…

PowerTap Pro 

PowerTap SL

PowerTap SL 2.4 (MY NEW ONE) which has the advantage of being wireless which is hand for saving weight and mess!

Here is is on my bike my powertap sl 2.4


and here is all the stuff you get with it

I used it on Wednesday for first time and il post the power details soon. I also used it in the race on Sunday which was pretty stupid as it weighs a tonne but a friend needed a wheel so i gave him my Ksyrium SLs. 

One good video to start looking at about training with power is… (more to come soon!)

Great cycling opportunity ON stage!

18 05 2009

My friend is running a green event at this years Oxegen festival and needs the help of a few cyclists. He is hoping to power a stage purely from pedal power so needs people on hooked up bikes to make it work. He can better explain the shifts etc but i believe the riders would be on from 1am -4am (crazy hours i know). Let Dylan know if your interested and the dates are weekend 11th July.