Im thinking about it…

6 05 2009

If i win the lottery in the next few weeks i am thinking about buying a SRM power meter. I have seen the benefits for people who have used them and i think i would get better focused training from my limited time. BUT the cost is almost prohibitave!? Anyone know of any “fallen off back of trucks” SRMs???

read this interesting article. Would it convince you?

SRM power meter. Worth the money?

SRM power meter. Worth the money?




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6 05 2009

Thanks, Yeah im beginning to buy into it alot more. Initially you think if i only train ten hours a week whats the point. But then you talk to people who use it and they say if your only training ten hours a week then you HAVE to make sure its the best use of your time.

Looking at the price options now!

6 05 2009

Buy one.

I’m 100% commited to power, it is the only way to train on a bike.

Power is absoloute, heart rate is a reaction.

Simple as

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