Buying POWER

11 05 2009

Im looking at buying the Powertap Sl but am finding it hard to get any decent discount off it apart from Ebay. Would liek to get the SL over the cheaper Pro version but dont really know why!?!?! Also i either get it built into a wheel or buy the already built version. I wouldnt know where to get the wheel built in ireland so il have to decide on that too. HELP….





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13 05 2009

Cycleways built my last wheel and it was cheap enough. I recommend the 28 or 30 hole hub. 32 hole limits the wheels to Mavic open pro or DT Swiss. Both great for training: Shite for racing.

did you check out

11 05 2009

what kind of price? i was talking to him on sat and he was quoting a price but is away this week sadly and i didnt write the details down. they work ok for you and did you get the Sl or pro?

11 05 2009

Cliff in Cyclelogical has built my last 2 powertaps up for me 🙂

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