A beautiful day racing in Wexford

2 06 2009

Well Saturday involved 2hrs steady in the Wicklow hills. Nothing to hard but a few 20min steady efforts.

I was out with Crash Colin who has been back on the bike despite some weeks absence for alcohol reasons. Great to have him back though. The day was beautiful and it was great preparation for the race the next day and the trip to France in 3 weeks. 

Sunday morning involved driving 2hr30mins to Wexford for the O Rourke memorial. It was a B only race which was a rare but very good occurance in my opinion.

Here is the pre race video (apologies for the lack of professionalism on the camera!!!) Im new to it! 

ps my favourite qoute of the video is anto saying his bike is “the fastest in the race” when it was making noises like a tractor!

Despite only about 25 signing on it went really and the group got whittled down to about 12 with 2 strong lads off the front. An usher rider jumped a few times and stuck one until he was caught about 2km to go and it was a sprint with about 7 contesting. I was delighted to get 4th overall and 2nd in the sprint. 

seth (the yank) driving us to race

Seth rode well in the combined race which had about 70 in it. He jumped a bit early and had not much left for the sprint finish. He has strong legs and will get a result soon no doubt.
on way to wexford

It was great to ride down in convoy with anto and colin showing us the way. Pretty straightforward but we left at 830am and got home at 730pm! Long day and not good recovery.

wexford strawberries mmmmBut the fresh wexford strawberries did certainly help!!!




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