Aint Wicklow great (in the summer!)

2 06 2009

Well after a tough day in Wexford racing we had a nice relaxing recovery ride ahead of us. Anto said it would be zone 1 recovery and he didnt mind where we went. we rode through town and met seth at yellow house pub at 10am. 

The scene was set for a beautiful day relaxing and easing the legs out until we hit the bottom of first climb and all hell broke loose. I dropped off back hoping they would slow down but to no avail. Then i pedalled back on and it rose up again get faster and faster until it was at avg of 330watts for 10mins. this after a tough day racing. (i always find it tough!!!).

Taking a break

The lads motoring!
Sallys gapSo in the end i rode with them to the top of the climb feeling good and knowing it was gonna ease off in a moment at the summit. Well we turn the corner and BANG off goes anto again. i let them go for 10 mins and have a coke and a bar and catch back up when they slow up. Then off we go again up the Gap and same wattage again. Seth drops off a bit i sit on anto and when we crest the hill he keeps on going. Seth come back on and when it hits a downhill he slips into the drops and must be putting out 500watts down the hill!

The video from me sitting at the side of the road will soon follow… (tough day)




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