Nice little session

3 06 2009

I was up early today alone for a 20min threshold session. It was nice outside and at first the legs were pretty sore. I realised that i will need a leg loosener on Friday before the weekends activities. I think i need to re test my threshold power as i did 20mins at 282watts which is 99% of threshold and i was pretty fine doing it.

Its funny how you try to get into a rythem pedalling and if you look down your watts drop so easily. You really need to keep working all the time to keep it at FT power. 

Id say i could raise it by a bit when i test again but i really hate them tests. I guess your only hurting when your going hard and your only improving when your going hard. Im going to look for a chance when i can do those tests but its difficult with legs being sore after racing etc. I guess il just have to man up! 

Tomorrow club race…




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