testing is hard!

5 06 2009

Well i did my testing last night. I warmed up for about an hour which was nice. I headed out to Garretstown with the lads who were racing and found a nice section of rode.


Isnt it great to him back on the bike

Isnt it great to him back on the bike



Then did 3 warm ups at 100rpms. This was nice and easy until i had to do the 5 min max effort. This was shocking and i held 360watts for it. I started off a bit hard and have learned my limits from it. Its good to do it once to know how to do it better next time. 

Then i did 3 30 sec max efforts to et my max 5 second power and then 3 max 1 min power efforts. these are tricky as you really need to pace yourself. I learned that starting with a max sprint and trying to hang on is not fun!!! pacing it worked alot better and i did 530watts i think for the best one.

Putting this info into the PowerProfile chart tells you how you shape up to others based on your power to weight. Mine numbers said i was a fred! I am a 4th cat sprinter and 1 min chaser. thats not good news!!! My 5 min power was for a cat 2 which i didnt expect at all? Its strange how power can make ur life terrible too! ha

I then did a good 20mins threshold effort home sandwished between 30 mins of recovery riding.

Seth would get a good 6th place

Seth would get a good 6th place




A good session and another 110km locked away. Legs sore for race on sat but good to build some form for later when i recover in a few weeks. Im looking forward to a recovery week but the days keep coming thick and fast. I think il do some hills on sunday again.




2 responses

6 06 2009

Not a sprinter? Who knew? The 5 min power number was nice.

6 06 2009

Nice report. The Cat 2 power for 5mins is a very good number.

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