rain, rain go away

6 06 2009


SO my legs just dont like the rain. They got too used to the sun and warmth of late and today in Roundwood they just gave up. The day started rough and the weather was terrible on the drive out.


Not a pretty site ahead!

Not a pretty site ahead!

We got there fine though and put the bike together in what was cold but only drizzly weather. “not too bad so far” i was thinking!


All set for the race

All set for the race









The first 10 minutes were a good warm up with it being pretty dry there were some attacks but not much stuck until the rain came down and visibility became more difficult and i could see groups up the road chasing. I was caught out tactically though as id be chasing across and just when id need someone to do the final part one or two would jump past and catch on leaving me off the back. I then hope that a few others would tow me across so i was caught out a few times much to my own fault.

The rain was pelting down at this stage. I cant remember many colder days in december and at one point i thought my shifters were broken but it was just my hands werent working properly! After finally getting on to the chasing B pack we hit a nice little draggy climb and one or two lads dropped the wheel and so did i and i had nothing left to get back across. It felt like the end of a 100km race and my legs werent pushing anything out. Needless to say after about 10mins off the back alone it was a right turn when the course clearly went left. 

I changed and drove to watch the finish of the race. The leaders were very impressive with one rider attacking a group of very strong B group and staying away for an impressive win. He almost did it last week too. I would have sat there myself but shows alot of balls to do it.


Not pleasant weather

Not pleasant weather

ON the drive back to the sign on i could see the pain on the lads who had been out there for 2 hours+ in that weather. Shocking but fair play to the organisers they did a great job and were unlucky again with the weather.

Pretty dissapointed but plenty of racing next week. No time to drop the head.




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