16 07 2009

So im crap at time trialling! i know this! I knew it when in my first few weeks of riding a bike i got 30mins for 10miles. I was pretty happy and some people said i did well for only being on a racing bike for 4 weeks. Being the last man on the road in that TT that day i dont think the ambulance drivers were too happy slowly tipping along behind me!

Well the other day i had a go at my season goal of sub 24 mins. Pathetic i know but when the fastest time at the end of last season after my first season racing was only 20seconds under the 30min mark despite a years training i was gutted! In the UCD TT at the start of the season i shattered that time by almost 2 mins down to 28:05. Sad time still i know!

Then when i bought a dodgy second hand TT bike with no headset i managed to knock another 2 mins off down to 26:09.

how the good lads do it!

how the good lads do it!

There were lads racing who were walking their dogs before it so the field was mixed and the course was lump on the N11. I hadnt been on the TT bike in 4 months and only been on it 3 times ever i think so it was uncomfortable to say the least! On the Tuesday i avg 315 watts for 20mins but due to the bike i could only hold 260 and it was a struggle with avg hr 176!!!

luckily i did break my time by 2 mins again! so its now 24:09. shocking i know! but progress indeed!

Going to get on the bike a few times and try woodgreen soon and see if i can beat my 24min mark this season!




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16 01 2018

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30 10 2012

I noticed you’re using WordPress for your Blog and were a fellow Cyclist. I also use WordPress and have developed a Plugin that you may find useful (it’s free btw).

The WP-Routes Plugin allows you to embed Cycle Routes into WordPress posts.

I’ve set the following page up for more info and a link to download the Plugin.


I hope you find it useful.



Ps. Sorry to contact you via your Comments but I couldn’t see a Contact page.

24 02 2010

Bettering yourself is where it’s at. Comparing to others is a never ending battle. Even the pros struggle with a sense of failure if they focus on who they can’t beat.

25 07 2009
update man

could you please update your blog

23 07 2009

What was the lads time who was walking the dog?

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