Back on the bike

9 06 2009

Tonight will be first day back on the bike since the drowning of Saturday Roundwood race! Lets see how the legs respond.

Sitting in will be the order of the day and lets see what the power file says. Its nice to race with it on but a bit tougher on the legs due to the extra weight and the wheel bieng only a training one. 

I would definitely consider getting a racing powerTap as the data is essential from racing. Its where you do your best/worst efforts!!!

a day on the sofa

8 06 2009

Well after saturdays exploits i tried to do nothing yesterday but a gym workout and my muscles feel like i havent done one for about 4 months. Thats because i havent done one in 4 months and im sore all over. So much for a rest day. 

I did however spend some time with the bike on sunday. I cleaned every little bit of it after the wicklow wipeout of the day before. All my training wheels are even cleaned and greased now. 

Tomorrow il do the Leinster 3 day and the club race on Thursday too. Lets hope the legs work again!!

This would get you FIXED on the ide of a new bike…

29 05 2009

Have a look, I want a fixie!!!

Tried to embed video but failed!

I now have a office trainer!

28 05 2009

This is my new training method. Never mind the rain, now you can train on your lunch!!!


new office training!

Being IN the Giro

27 05 2009

Having been at the TDF its great when the stage is over and all the FRED cyclists are descending beside the team cyclists. It doesnt happen in many sports and its all FREE!,6610,s1-3-10-19430-1,00.html

Great cycling opportunity ON stage!

18 05 2009

My friend is running a green event at this years Oxegen festival and needs the help of a few cyclists. He is hoping to power a stage purely from pedal power so needs people on hooked up bikes to make it work. He can better explain the shifts etc but i believe the riders would be on from 1am -4am (crazy hours i know). Let Dylan know if your interested and the dates are weekend 11th July.

Great Ras video

18 05 2009

Seeing the week that is in it!!! looks savage