vive le france…

8 07 2009

Well im back a week now from France. It was my 3rd trip there and we almost had the crew from the original trip. We were staying in

and i think we would all recommend it. It fitted 4 people perfectly. One or two more would be a push but for 300euro for the week between 4 people it was a bargain! Perfectly located at the top of Les deux alpes which takes anywhere from 27mins (anto) to 40mins+ to climb at the end of each day.

Preparing for the trip to alpe d'heuz. The jacket was for the descent but wasnt neccesary at all!!

Preparing for the trip to alpe d'heuz. The jacket was for the descent but wasnt neccesary at all!!

This was obviously a bit daunting considering you would usually of done one or 2 cols already and would be fairly shattered but it always made you have a dang at your time. The climb has 10 switchbacks and is pretty steep too. Avg speed up it is about 15km so its reasonably fast compared to the Alpe d’Heuz and Sarenne.

Pantani holds the record up in from 1998 and there is a statue in his honour up there commemorating it.

Il pirato the record holder. (not me sadly!)

Il pirato the record holder. (not me sadly!)

Its a great climb as if your not doing it in the middle of the day it can be sheltered with some trees but if its in the midday sun its a scorcher! no where to hide!!!

In this video Anto and Colin are coming back from a dirt road ride up to an altitude above 2500m. We were late picking them up from the bottom of the alp and got them with 3 switchbacks to go. They were flying! It gives you a good idea of the gradient and the look of the area. It doesnt look that steep but this would be a flatter section at about 6% some of it is about 9% id say with avg about 7.5%? Colin had to do the Marmotte (190km) the next day so was not impressed (he rarely is!). It was 9pm at this point so not much sun but its easier to go hard whens its not as hot thats for sure.

Coming up next we will take a look at our trip up the Alpe D’Heuz. A day that had 3 punctures, one person blew up and another got stranded! A real treat!



19 06 2009

Whats worse than cycling for an hour to the club race only to get a puncture 5 mins before it starts and you 5 mins away due to your warm up! yeah well at least it was a lovely night for fixing a puncture! I ended up riding home which was a bit of a disappointment as i haven’t done much since Sundays epic race!

Im saving my UCD gear for the France trip on Tuesday so i threw on the old black ones and looking at the pics i cant believe how fred-like they are! Need to pick up a few more pairs of shorts but i wont be going for the standard black ones.

But you also cant wear pro-team shorts as thats a no-no. You cant wear white shorts as although you look cool for the first week they will be covered in multicoloured gels and oil stains forever. So whats the solution?

Seth happy as larry

Seth happy as larry

total fred shorts

total fred shorts

what to do???

17 06 2009

SO what is the advice when you have just done a hard overload week and you ready to do the same again but your starting to get a sore throat and a bit wheezy???

I was thinking of going on the turbo for an hour tonight?

I was thinking of going to jacuzziand swim and relax the legs?

or will i just relax and go to bed early hoping to be better to cycle 120km round trip to the club race after work???

Seth doing a good early session

Seth doing a good early session

Yesterday mornings lovely recovery spin seems miles away now!!!

testing is hard!

5 06 2009

Well i did my testing last night. I warmed up for about an hour which was nice. I headed out to Garretstown with the lads who were racing and found a nice section of rode.


Isnt it great to him back on the bike

Isnt it great to him back on the bike



Then did 3 warm ups at 100rpms. This was nice and easy until i had to do the 5 min max effort. This was shocking and i held 360watts for it. I started off a bit hard and have learned my limits from it. Its good to do it once to know how to do it better next time. 

Then i did 3 30 sec max efforts to et my max 5 second power and then 3 max 1 min power efforts. these are tricky as you really need to pace yourself. I learned that starting with a max sprint and trying to hang on is not fun!!! pacing it worked alot better and i did 530watts i think for the best one.

Putting this info into the PowerProfile chart tells you how you shape up to others based on your power to weight. Mine numbers said i was a fred! I am a 4th cat sprinter and 1 min chaser. thats not good news!!! My 5 min power was for a cat 2 which i didnt expect at all? Its strange how power can make ur life terrible too! ha

I then did a good 20mins threshold effort home sandwished between 30 mins of recovery riding.

Seth would get a good 6th place

Seth would get a good 6th place




A good session and another 110km locked away. Legs sore for race on sat but good to build some form for later when i recover in a few weeks. Im looking forward to a recovery week but the days keep coming thick and fast. I think il do some hills on sunday again.

Is testing harder than racing?!

4 06 2009

Taken from

This is the monthly text i have to do to see how im going and set my markers. You get most of these from racing etc but its still neccesary to do them alone. I am considering doing these tonight instead of racing. 

The Monthly Test: 20minute warm-up, which is just riding along at a moderate pace, about 65% of your max HR. Then do (3) fast pedaling efforts for 100rpm for one minute each with one minute between each. Then 3 minutes easy.. Then Go for it – (1) 5minute all out. Punch it and hold it! Make sure that you start at a high pace, but not soo high that you die at the end. You should have a little in reserve to kick it to the finish line in the last minute. Then 10minutes easy, then (3) 30 seconds “Super Sprints”. Jump as hard as you can and then Sprint like a crazy for 30 seconds. REST 3minutes between each. WAY EASY! Then time for (3) 1 minute all out efforts. REST for at least 4-5 minutes between each. Finish the Ride and cool down. Again, you are trying to produce the most average watts over the entire period. It’s not a good test, if you go out too hard and then just explode and limp home…Cool down, and then download the computer!

You need to do a separate test on another day for a solid 20-minute effort as hard as you can go. Same warm-up as above, including the fast pedaling intervals, but now just do the 20 minute Time Trial.

What these tests do is that they gather some information about your fitness in different time periods. Because, although you may think you are fit for that upcoming time trial, you may test very poorly in the 20 minute test, in relation to the 5 minute test. So, from that info, you can change and tailor your workouts, but more about that later. This test also is your first test with a power meter and there is a little learning curve, so it’s nice to have a test from the beginning that isn’t too involved and you can get an idea of how to pace yourself better for upcoming future tests.

Example of power file from net.

more training!!!

3 06 2009

Did you ever train before work and then its so nice out that you want to go out again after work???

Nice little session

3 06 2009

I was up early today alone for a 20min threshold session. It was nice outside and at first the legs were pretty sore. I realised that i will need a leg loosener on Friday before the weekends activities. I think i need to re test my threshold power as i did 20mins at 282watts which is 99% of threshold and i was pretty fine doing it.

Its funny how you try to get into a rythem pedalling and if you look down your watts drop so easily. You really need to keep working all the time to keep it at FT power. 

Id say i could raise it by a bit when i test again but i really hate them tests. I guess your only hurting when your going hard and your only improving when your going hard. Im going to look for a chance when i can do those tests but its difficult with legs being sore after racing etc. I guess il just have to man up! 

Tomorrow club race…