Club championships last night

3 07 2009

A good night followed a terrible morning of rain and general dullness. The club championships were a funny affair with riders racing against their teammates not the other riders so with only 4 UCD riders racing it was a strange experience.

A split went on a whopper of a climb and me and anto were at the front of it and Skipper and Ben at the end of it sadly.

During the race anto did many attacks to try and cross the line first in a group of about 20 riders mostly from Lucan with some Usher and orwell in there too. As expected it came down to a sprint and anto came strong at the end with coming about 5th and half a wheel ahead of me. Well deserved and id feel guilty if i had of nipped him.

Looking at the power file from the race my sprint went up to 9oo+ watts for 5 secs then down to 400 when i got stuck behind a lucan rider then back up again so that was frustrating. Il race Saturday and see how it goes but im fairly goosed at present! A nice rest should do the trick!

The skipper cam flying in well up the front of the main group out sprinting many of them with Ben following close behind. A good day out and another 100km+ day.

More details on France training to follow…

Anto, no doubt, resting up before and after the event. What a Pro

Anto, no doubt, resting up before and after the event. What a Pro